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Growth and L-Systems

Have been reading about l-systems, mostly papers from here . Trying to get segment growth working as described in the growth functions section (1.9) of The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants . I don't understand a lot of it but I think I got the basic idea :D. It was really confusing after a certain point when reading about l-systems, they started making a lot more sense when I actually started trying to implement stuff! The important part is that F is getting rewritten. The g parameter is incremented each time to act as an age attribute, so g is the linear growth, and then length is set by using g in a funky smooth step type function thingy ((-2*g^3)+(3*g^2)) to get a kinda sigmoidal growth. The b variable is used to control the speed of the growth. The rest is just for controlling the branching so that the l-system came to some kind of end state. Like the m parameter in A(m) which decays over generations so that it stops getting replaced eventually. The generation paramet

Cloth self shadowing

This is why Houdini is awesome, one node ignored and changed the bias on the ray SOP, and self shadowing just works :D It probably needs a wind location specified so I can timeshift the occluding objects depending on the distance from the wind 'emitter'. meh. hipnc is here