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More drawing with a wacom in Houdini

I have been improving the wacom python panel I posted about last time -- to try to solve the issues with the number of nodes I would end up with, also the file size of the .hip files were too large. In the last version, I was saving the curve data as a string on the SOP node, but this made for large files sizes. I was also using the parms on the SOP node to configure a bunch of things for the line (like the duplication, taper and width settings.) which caused me to have to create too many nodes when I wanted to vary the settings. I am now using the "geometry data" parm type on the SOP node to save the curve data. I am storing all of the configuration (duplication, tapering, width etc) in primitive data and have moved the settings to the python panel interface, rather than the SOP interface. This means that I don't have to create a new node to have different settings for a curve. I needed to add a selection tool, curve tool, and a freehand tool to the opython inter

Drawing with a wacom in Houdini

It's been ages since I posted last, I haven't been doing much Houdini at home in the last few years. I got an Indie licence to make some content for other things I am doing, so I will be doing more in Houdini now -- and whenever I find something that is a bit interesting or might be useful for someone I will try to post it. Recently I was looking for a solution for drawing curves with a wacom, and retain the pressure data  and curves so that it can be procedurally animated after it has been drawn. I was trying to find ways to recreate/trace consteallation drawings from the 1661 book Uranometria ( ) The goal was to get clean curves that could be procedurally animated after they had been drawn, and also to get an image that is not obscured by the stars that you can see in the above snap. I was trying to use inkscape, which is great for drawing with but I had no idea how I could get any data out of it, and it seemed to make solid shapes in