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Showing posts from February, 2010

Wormie wire solver things.

Just another random thing. Houdini - Wire solver worms from Sam Hancock on Vimeo . This starts as some vertcal lines in SOPs that are animating upwards. The 'constraintoanimation' attribute is switched to 0 when the points go above the ground plane. This goes into the wire solver and thats about it .... hipnc is here.

Dijkstra pathfinding with python.

I have a lot of half finished things floating around, here is one of them... Been seeing the dijkstra algorithm around a bit lately, so I had a go at implementing it in Houdini. Most of it is in python. ~2000 points and it cooks in about 1.2s so it isn't super slow... Could probably be faster if I made it A* instead, but I have nothing to use it for so, meh! hipnc is here. you will need the otl here too