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Showing posts from June, 2011

New paper sim

More paper stuff! Updated it, now using a SOP solver to modify the velocity. The last one was a field force which wasn't great. Also this one projects the velocity vector onto the surface rather than just applying an opposing force like I was doing before. The velocity ends up perpendicular to the normal, with this: cross( nV, cross( nV, nN ) ). That is mixed with the original velocity to get more or less of the effect ... In the linked .hip file there is a VIS_PROJECTION null that you can view to see what I mean... Houdini - New cloth paper thingy! from Sam Hancock on Vimeo . You can get the hip file from here (H11)

More old cloth wind resistance stuff.

Haven't posted in a long time, easing back into it with something I was playing with about a year ago ... it uses the same wind resistance stuff that I was using earlier. Going to update it in the next few days with a much better way of doing it with a SOP solver! Houdini - Cloth paper thingy from Sam Hancock on Vimeo . Each piece of cloth is simmed individually, a wedge ROP is used to write out a geo sequence for each piece and they are brought back in using a file SOP and a copy SOP. The pieces don't collide .. but it doesn't matter so much with these .....